Thursday, 16 January 2014

firstly, happy new year, we're only 16 days in, I'm not too late. starting off some new projects for the new year, kind of easing myself in with a new set of colour in collaboration pages, now available for download in my Etsy shop, this is set number 7. I am also updating some of the older sets, and so far set number one is all fresh and shiny looking, and I'll slowly get to the others. so I hope you'll enjoy that one, and the new set, this one includes bones (I hope I got them all!) tulips, sea monsters, narwhals and greek pots. happy colouring!


  1. Gorgeous work and you are achieving wonderful rich colours from the pencils too.

  2. thank you! a mixture of pencils and markers/textas, the best part of making the listing!