Tuesday, 25 June 2013


my first screen printed tees!
I've been looking to get tshirts printed for a couple of years now, I'm sorry to all who requested them that it's taken me this long. I hope you're happy with how they've come out!

one of the reasons it took me awhile, apart from usual procrastination that doubles the time of most new endeavors, I really wanted to find the best people to work with to get the printing done. I'm just not set up, nor have the space to do it myself.

In the end I found a wonderful boutique printer in the UK, who are eco friendly just like me. they use solvent free, water based inks, which are better for the environment, and also don't require anything more than water to clean up.

I also really wanted to find a great tee.. this is something I'm really picky about, I hate tees that are too short, I hate tiny neck holes. I wanted a vintage style cotton, and I wanted nice colours. I also wanted something that was ethically made, and low impact on the environment. the printers source tees from the Earth Positive range, and they are perfect. they are organic cotton, low carbon and fair trade, and equally important, great quality and design, comfortable and in great colours. hurrah.

I'm starting small, just one design in two colours, on a womens fit (small, medium, large, extra large,) but I hope soon to add some new designs, and also some mens sizes.

I hope you like them, you can find them in my Etsy shop now.

I made a tote to match too-

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