Friday, 5 October 2012

the first sketches have been made for my next print in my australiana series, this one is is based on a story I learned of while researching my extinct birds series, so there is a bit of a cross over. five bird species/sub species becoming extinct because of a ship hitting a reef, rather tragic. this one is destined to become a gocco print, at first at least, and hopefully I'll get that ready in the next week or two.

more on the extinct birds series, my passenger pigeon fabric is available at last, I'm really pleased with how it's tuned out! I have it now in my Etsy shop.

my fabric collection is getting pretty big, so I'm not going to be able to keep every design in stock, I'm putting images of all my designs into my flickr page, so if you are interested in past designs you can check it out. If you want one I don't have in stock, then just email me and I can order it printed for you.


it seems the shops who stock some of my work are preparing for Christmas, as I had a couple of wholesale orders come in... here they are ready to be boxed up and sent. I suppose that means I need to get my shop ready to!

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