Friday, 22 June 2012

hello greece

I wanted to start a little series based on some happier Greek images, than what we might be newly becoming accustomed to. I'm calling the series Hello Greece, because I see it as a way of reacquainting ourselves with some things we might be forgetting. Starting with 6 designs, cicadas, sardines, donkeys, olive oil, village churches and ancient pots.

I've made a group of postcards featuring the designs, and I've also had a few printed onto fabric. They're all available in my Etsy shop.


  1. I love them all! Good for you for choosing to make them!Ariadne fromGreece!

  2. Nice. It's good to see some positivity around Greece. My heart breaks every time I see anything Greece-related lately. It's easy to forget that there is still a lot of beauty there.

    I hope life's good for you. :)

  3. thanks everyone! I'm glad you like them!