Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I have two new fabric designs in my Etsy shop today, blue feathers and bugs. Yesterday I sold some of my fabric to a customer who is going to be making little puppets for her nephew's baptism, it's such a cute idea and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

and in my jewellery shop, you'll see some new designs in my wooden segment series. I love working with twigs, so I've been meaning to create some new designs for a long time now. Finally the long awaited ring (I love square rings don't you?) and a set of studs. I'm very proud of the stud design, hidden inside are two silver prongs which hold the segment on nice and securely.

I hope to have another ring design finished and in the shop in the weeks to come, as well as some new necklaces. I hope you'll like it all!


  1. bonjour je viens de voire votre site ,
    j'adore vos bijoux !!!
    Je vous ai même mis en lien sur mon blog (je suis céramiste).
    encore bravo pour vos bijoux !!!

  2. Great fabrics, and I LOVE that square ring... in fact, I had never really perused your jewelry shop before (*eep*) but just got completely pulled in right now. Gorgeous stuff — so well made, creative and detailed! Great work :)